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" It was a great project. I had learned new vocabulary from the movie and the volunteer teachers. I wish there will be more of this kind of projects in the future. "
Chatpimook Santidamrongkul (Mark)
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" I was very happy and excited to be able to participate in this project because it gave me new experiences and knowledge beyond the school. I had fun while improving my English. "
Manusnan Visuttising (Lookbua)
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" It was really fun. The volunteer teachers were very friendly. I had learned a lot such as new vocabulary, and I felt more confident when speaking English. "
Luksamon Janumpakul (Sea)
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" Thank you all volunteers for this project. It was an amazing project. This was my first time participating in a project, and I was blown away. The movie was entertaining and easy to understand. The volunteer teachers were super friendly and helpful. I loved it! "
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Wanatchaporn Thongthiangdee (Dream)
" I had learned new words, how to pronounce correctly and how to improve my English. I also made new friends. Thank you everyone for making this project happen. "
Jaktuphong Sriboonruang (Night)
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" The volunteer teachers helped me when I made a mistake. I was afraid to speak English but they made me not afraid of speaking English. Thank you so much! "
Petcharat Surarat (Lemon)
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" There were many lovely, smart and kind teachers. We had lots of fun every week. I had learned a lot of skills through this program including reading, writing, listening and speaking. It was suitable for anyone who wanted to practice their English skills. Thank you for teaching me. And thank you for this program! "
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Natcha Maronee (Best)
" This was my first project, and it made 
a great first impression. Every single teacher was positive and supportive and their incredibly positive attitude toward learning English helped me a lot. I was thankful for teachers' help and glad that we have met each other. "
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Bhubejh Chulya (Pete)
" This project was really great. I was having so much fun that I forgot about the time. The volunteer teachers were very kind and funny.
I liked them. Thank you! "
Kornnatsa Meueywong (Kraten)
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" All volunteer teachers were so kind and friendly. They helped us when we didn't know the 
meanings of words. Their accents were nice and understandable. And there were so many fun activities that allowed us to communicate 
with others. It was a pleasure 
to be a part of this project "
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Ulfah Dadeh (Fah)
" It was really fun. There were so many activities, unlike at school where we have to lecture a lot.
I enjoyed the role play activity because
I got to speak lots of English.
And I will use and apply what I have 
learned in daily life and exams. "
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Supasit Pramjitpramounpol (Keua)
" This project was super good! The volunteer teachers were so friendly and they were really good at teaching. The movie was also fun. "
Pattaraporn Singsuwan (Meena)
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